桜 ライブキャスト あきつの小野公園 in 奈良県川上村 Sakura Livecast Cherry Blossoms Live Streaming in Akitsuno-Ono Park、Kawakami Vill.
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あきつの小野公園は ココ

Where's Akitsuno-Ono Park located?

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For privacy purposes, you may find that footage surrounding the carpark area is blurred.

Because there are no lamp posts in and around the park, and little to no visibility at night, we will stop live-streaming once the sun sets. However, features such as control the camera, and snap a photo will still be available to use.

To make sure that you can enjoy the use of our website in the evenings, we have added still photos, and time-lapse videos of footage taken earlier during the day.You can watch them HERE.

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The high-re camera located in the park is connected to the university server via the Internet, which we then use to remotely control the camera, and live-stream footage.

To avoid placing any strain on the village’s network, our streaming system works by having the university server first receive the footage, before live-streaming it to viewers.

We have programmed the system in manner of responsive design, so that you’ll have the same experience whether you are using a PC or any other device.

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大規模なライブ中継サイトを作るには、たくさんのノウハウが必要です。このような技術に興味を持った人はぜひ情報科学部 ネットワークデザイン学科へ。

Because there is no way to access the Internet in the surrounding area of the camera, a “Long-hawl Wi-Fi bridge” is used to carry footage to the admin office of the park. Gears for live-streaming, which is located outdoors, consist of professional-grade hardwares that can withstand temp of up to 55 degree Celsius (131 degree Fahrenheit) in the summer, and -20 degree Celsius (-4 degree Fahrenheight) during the winter months.

Given that the subject of our film are plants, we are making efficient use of our limited network bandwidth, by placing a greater emphasis on the resolution of the footage, than the number of its frames per second.

Due to the difficulties associated with live-streaming in contrast to streaming of pre-recorded footage, and the fact that visitors to the website access it at different network speeds, we have developed own streaming software at our lab. As a result, you can enjoy accessing live footage without ever having to install any software on your PC or device.

Developing and maintaining a live-streaming website on a large scale such as this, requires the constant input, and knowledge of many different individuals. For those who are interested, or have developed an interest in this area of technology, please feel free to come to our department, Dept. of Network Design, in the Faculty of Information Science & Technology.

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大阪工大と奈良県川上村は学生教育と地域振興の取り組みを共同で行っています。その一環として 情報科学部 情報ネットワーク学科(現ネットワークデザイン学科)が「あきつの小野公園」の桜ライブ中継を2015年から始めました。2017年は現地の気象情報やタイムラプス動画も見えるようにバージョンアップしました。2019年には川上村の他の施設にもカメラを増設し、コンテンツを更にパワーアップします。


"Sakura Livecast" provides live streaming video of cherry blossoms' forest at Akitsuno-Ono park, Kawami vill. in Nara.

The Osaka Institute of Technology (OIT) and Kawakami Village in Nara are jointly exploring new ways to improve student education and to revitalise the village.

As part of these efforts, Dept. of Information Networks, currently known as Dept. of Network Design at OIT decided to set up the live streaming of cherry blossoms at Akitsuno-Ono Park. Our most recent update in 2017 saw the inclusion of several new features including current weather conditions, and time-lapse videos of cherry blossoms, and we are constantly looking for new ways in which to provide further interesting content. In 2019 we are to provide another camera views from the different locations in Kawakami Vill, too.

Starting with the live streaming of cherry blossoms, the Department taking on board the input provided by Kawakami village residents, are working on several different projects which all seek to further improve the village’s ICT (Information Communications Technology) capacities. Please look forward to the release of our new products in the near future.